Promotional products and advertising specialties can be a powerful tool for any organization. With thought and care, these items can make a lasting impact on a target audience. Whether it’s yard signs for a political campaign, refrigerator magnets for a law firm, key tags for a mechanic, or water bottles for a youth association, Integrity Marketing Products can deliver.

Internet-only promotional products websites focus on one thing: volume. It often doesn’t matter what the product or imprint quality are, or how timely customers receive their product, or if the customer’s art is used to make the biggest impact. It’s just sell as many units to as many faceless customers as possible at a basement-level price. We work with increasingly more and more clients that tell horror stories of trial-and-error ordering through the countless internet startups that lure people in through search engines and don’t deliver as expected.

We don’t intend on ever doing business that way. We believe our customers deserve a great price with great service and quality. We’re experts in this business so you don’t have to be. We’ll worry about sizing imprints correctly, making sure colors match, finding the best deals and passing the savings on to you. Over the years, we’ve cultivated relationships with some of the best manufacturers in the industry. We can find the right products to fit every budget; we love researching items specific to our clients needs.

Are you a school district on a budget, looking for a way to efficiently get your message out to the community? We’ll show you a variety of education relevant items.

Are you a car dealership looking for a new way of getting walk-ins to remember you? We’ll sift through the thousands of options at our disposal to present you with relevant products that you may have never thought of in the past.

Below you’ll find links to just a select few of our promotional products brands. We carry literally OVER 100,000 promotional products and advertising specialties.

We’ll be continuously building more content and functionality into this page. If you don’t find any inspiration in these few catalogs or in our product search engine, please let us do the research for you - we’re quite good at what we do!

  1. Bic

  2. Norwood Promotional Products

  3. Leeds Business Accessories

  4. Glass America Drinkware

  5. Crown Products

  6. Evans Promotional Products

  7. TagMaster





5905 Middlebelt

Garden City, MI 48135

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P.O. Box 668 

Dearborn Heights, MI 48127